Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Lazy CBA or is he

Well I could given you a billion reasons why I CBA to post tonight I'm currently in bed an knackered an I am going to the Gym at 6:45 tomorrow......

Yes you heard right!!!

An that's just three reasons but actually the real reasons dear and beloved readers is because......

My Wii came

No not that kind you filth mongers

My Wii fitness age is currently 41 and I'm getting pretty shit hot at Golf

I don't care what any one says I'm havin fun

Any one wants to share Mii's with me just drop me an email and I'll send you my Wii number

L Out
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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Antartictic shelf 'hangs by thread'

This is the shit that really scares me, OK guns, birds (don't ask.... I said don't), an a whole lot of other close at hand shit could happen to me now, things scare me! But this shit really scares me because I think its too late!!!

An that's not me in a depressive mood either (I'm bipolar- it's in my profile... what da ya mean you haven't read it I'm interesting me ;( )

This is just me being realistic, we have been abusing the shiate out of the planet like a whore we've dosed to the eye balls on rohypnol and she's woke up like "The Bride" in 'Kill Bill' an guess what we're Bill !

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Antarctic shelf 'hangs by thread'

On a lighter note It turns out Hilary coulda lied, at last she's coming through as a true politician now I wish she'd get it out of the way and bang an aide

L Out

Monday, 24 March 2008

What’s etiquette with blogging HELP!!! please

O.K. the reason I'm struggling here is because I don't normally have that many comments, I'm not complaining please comment it makes me feel like I have friends well at least that some people like me, ok don't hate me..... Happy


When someone comments on NMI do I comment in my own post hoping they'll re-read comment on their blog?

How does this work I have to ask cus it's been bugging me different people do different things and I just thought I'd check before I trod on the Godzilla of blogging toes or other likewise things

Well Easter is over, Mary was out and I went to the pub with friends and Zombie Jesus Read my Paper

Yesterday was a bit of an unusual day for me it started of frustratingly I normal order my shopping from Tesco's (other shops are available) online on Saturday night to have it delivered Sunday and also get my paper thrown in and that comes to then all I have to do on Sunday is drag my sorry ass outta bed read some blogs wait for the food to be delivered cook, eat read the paper and repeat.

This Sunday it was not to be the fucking bastards nice people at Tesco had no slots left until Tuesday I'm blaming Zombie Jesus !!!

So I had to get up have a shower (I always do this last one honest, no I do smell me, Okay not you Britt and Avitable your smellophobics ) and go out, Oh I remembered to get dressed then I wandered over to the supermarket CLOSED (bloody Zombie Jesus) the garage was thankfully open, but they hadn't had a delivery of my brand of paper then I wandered up the hill to the shop that is opposite my office and low and behold taaa daaa

They had bloody sold out!

So now well and truly peeved at zombie jesus I went home, yes I could have brought another paper but I like that one and if you didn't already know I have issues ok it has to be that paper!!!

Anyway I gets a text off a friend to say "Me the missus Gaz (his brother) and Mark are over the road why don't you join us?"

Now Normally I would have found some excuse not to go or not answered or something but I just text straight back to say I'd be right over....

Whoa what I thought why did you do that well brain was running ahead of himself obviously, but we went and it was fun in fact in was an awesome afternoon ok I was drinking alcohol free beck as I'm sober these days but I still had fun maybe later I'll go into more detail or not.

I wandered back over four hours or so later and got a text off my business partner could I pop over to the apartment opposite and show his dad who's currently lodging in his apartment while his new one is being built how to use the shower?

No probs I say I wander over knock on show him which way to turn it on and how to use it and we have some light chit chat and then I leave its only when I get back into my apartment I remember I was stood chatting to his very catholic dad wearing this it gave me a giggle

Go Read Chrystal why because I said so she makes me laugh and her videos are like what's going on in my mind

Also pop in on Kyra she's as funny as she also has some awesome guest post bloggers Hot hot hot as is Kyra

For now Mark is coming to pick me in a short while an we are going for lunch so

L Out

Saturday, 22 March 2008

I know I haven’t posted in too long

I just dunno I have loads of stuff to post about, like a clients wife telling me I'd be a great catch cus i'm intelligent, funny, good looking and so on and so (she's attractive and funny and intelligent, but lets not tell him he's a good client) Also my brother Mark is back in touch loads he's been over today he brought me an Easter egg awww bless him and my invite to the evening do of his wedding nearly a week after the wedding (which is in august) the invites are nice though...

Okay so maybe a post is forming

I left the house today pre 9 am which is just weird for me I'm so not a morning person its untrue. The thing is they have opened a Subway right over the road from me yes that close I can near enough hear the neon sign humming its glorious tune of (eat me, eat me... Well ok not the sign but a sub) I was going on my travels as has been my want on Saturdays since I stopeed working them and I decided I would go in there while waiting for the bus as the manageress is really cute she has a smile thats stops me thinking its awesome it needs bottling! So I went in ordered a bacon breakfast sub and a c up of tea I know I was only going in for tea but its her smile you see...

I know you can't see but I can't really take a photo its not like its one hour photo or anything!

Then I went to get on the bus and I am so blaming this on the cute brain stopping smile I got on in the wrong direction I had to do a 14 mile round trip to get back where I had started and then 11 mile trip to get where I wanted to be this took me 2 hours but it's ok cus that smile is awesome (oh Subway's are good too)

L out

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Im not sure where I’m going with this

I have been talking with my business partner in the office today and we have come to the decision that there just isn't enough discipline in British schools see link O.K. we didn't come to the decision just over that article but a whole bunch of things kids are drinking younger there are more kids having under age sex and generally a good majority of the youth of today are falling into a pit of moral….

HA I hear you cry from the back you can't make the teachers deal with this problem it's the parents fault!!!

Well yes and no the parents do need to take a pro-active role in all this but on the whole a good proportion of British parents have the intelligence where with all or common sense to guide their kids in the right direction that's why they aren't all being home schooled and most of the British populace read the Sun for fucks sake and those not reading the Sun (stop clicking that link your brain cells will melt) read the Mail a paper who during the war had correspondence with Hitler for fucks sake and published a front page making out he wasn't such a bad guy (Google this I lost the link). I know there are some intelligent parents out there but there are a lot of numbskull fuckwits I tell you! So, should they bring back opt in corporal punishment or some other form of discipline for these little bastards, I mean I future leaders, the little loves. Or should we carry on letting them bring guns knives and heroin into school ??

I say beat the little fuckers ( I mean discipline them) ;o)

But oh dear readers what are your thoughts !!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Another off track beating

Off the beaten track

This is a little off my normal foray but it interested me and I thought it might interest a few of my readers ?

From The Sunday Times

March 16, 2008

Do not adjust your set: TV is about to blow apart

Andrew Sullivan

Is television over? I don't mean the technology of course. Television, in many ways, has never been better. High definition – although pretty brutal on Republican frontrunner John McCain – has applied Windolene to the televised world and made nature documentaries as riveting as the latest block-buster. CGI effects have made even Doctor Who as cool as Hollywood.

By television being over, I mean the classic television experience: the ritual of coming home after work, flopping on the couch and simply allowing "what's on" to flood over you. We still do it of course. As an avenue for the moving image, however, the passive, network-driven model has clearly changed beyond recognition and will soon change still further. The classic television programme, like the classic newspaper, is morphing into something very different.

The internet, in the television industry as in many others, is both the infection and the cure. It will do to television what it has done to journalism: make everyone a producer and everyone a potential star.

You can trace the long arc of this now accelerating transformation from the onset of cable and satellite in the 1980s and 1990s. The mid-20th-century ability of a network such as the BBC or the great American broadcasting companies – such as CBS or NBC – to determine or greatly affect what people saw and felt and thought at any given time was slowly, and mercifully, eroded. That trend was clearly ramped up in the new millennium by Tivo – digital video recorders not unlike the Sky+ system – so that even the far more diverse programming of a hundred different channels came to be sliced and diced by myriad consumer preferences and appetites.

I don't know about you, but I rarely leave my evening viewing to chance or to programmers any more. It's planned and recorded in advance. And even if I watch live I delay starting for 10 minutes so I can zip past the advertisements.

The web, in turn, has ratcheted TV consumer power up a couple of notches. In this election season in the United States the shift is unmistakable. Ratings for most cable news shows have soared, but the platforms for dissemination of content have proliferated just as quickly. Some still watch the debates in real time – but it is very easy to watch them the day after online with all the tedious boilerplate removed.

YouTube has the clips; and the instant parodies; and the day-later parodies of the parodies. Blogs now edit their own versions of the high-lights, with blogger video commentary introducing or even interrupting them. And so a television moment on a late night comedy show will be designed for multiple audiences: the live one, the Tivoed one and the next day's online one. The soundbite has become the videobite. And many TV advertisements are given nominal network exposure before having a longer viral life online.

The only limit to the merging of the web and television in this way seems to be the online attention span. Online viewers, sitting at their laptops or gazing at their iPhones, only really want to watch online TV for three minutes at most. And that's why the old format still has a future.

You don't want to watch a programme, let alone a full-length film or lengthy documentary, or even a half-hour news broadcast, on a computer screen. What endures online is the quick hit, the short impression, the visual punchline that requires a minimal set-up. For drama or in-depth journalism or even an interview that can actually get beneath the surface of a subject or beyond the spin of a public figure: television still has the edge.

But that too may be changing. No one doubts that the technology of streaming online video to a wide-screen television is on its way, however unsatisfying some of its current manifestations. And that, in turn, means self-produced, web-originated video is on the verge of bigger and better ambitions.

Just as blogging swept away the barriers of entry to journalism, so citizen television will surely begin to reach an audience that appreciates it. Right now it's merely a blip. Novelty acts or musical parodies or cartoon fun dominate web television. But the principle of mass access to TV audiences through online media has been established.

Already you find print journalists or bloggers switching on a video cam and broadcasting their content live – their own personal television channel. Most online magazines are beginning to generate their own amateurish but classic television chat shows; traditional newsrooms feature online video interviews with their reporters and columnists and send them out to the blogosphere. The share that video is taking of web bandwidth keeps growing exponentially – and may even create traffic jams within a few years' time.

As so often, this democratisation of production means higher highs and much lower lows. Nutcases and geniuses – thousands who would never in a million years have made it past the professional barriers for old-style TV networks – now broadcast their idiosyncratic monologues to the masses. Hyde Park Corner is no longer a function of mere words-on-pixels. You can now see and hear an opiner opine or watch a conversation unfold. Find yourself someone to interview, set up your video cam and you can have your own show. Just put it on your blog and try to find an audience. Anyone with a modem has their own potential TV channel. It's just that most people haven't realised it yet.

And this is where the new medium, with a bit of luck, may reach back and regenerate the old. When you think of the glory days of television chat shows, Americans recall the leisurely erudition of William F Buckley's Firing Line, where intellectuals and thinkers were able to think out loud for an hour on the subjects of the day, without commercials and with an audience that revelled in more than a five-minute attention span.

That used to be the sober, intellectual, black-and-white BBC as well. It is all but impossible to find such a thing on network or cable television today. But the possibility of an online version is very real and economically feasible.

The great beauty of the online world, after all, is its lack of constraint. No interview need stop in full flow to accommodate an advertisement; the cost is so low that the format can accommodate the content rather than the other way round; and if viewers have sought you out, there is less need for the low attention span gimmick to keep the ratings up.

Equally, a simple 20-second sight gag or joke or comment online can be profoundly effective – a time slot that can't exist alone on television. The web deconstructs and reconstructs media in ways that the institutions of the past couldn't muster.

So if you're still reeling from the impact of blogs on journalism, sit tight. Blogging with words was simply the beginning; blogging with video has only just begun.

I won something ;)

I won over at Miss Britt's (Go say hello) which kind of made my Sunday, although to be fair I was having a pretty damn good Sunday anyway.

I got up late showered wandered my ass over to the supermarket picked up a paper and some pineapple juice cooked myself up some bacon and Philadelphia (with garlic and herb) sandwiches and chilled.

Let's face it that's what Sundays are for =]

I had a good night last night actually I had a friends Jo round for eats....

I cooked

Garlic and chilli King prawns to start

Oven baked cannelloni

Then we had Ben and Jerry's Choc chip and Cream

An we chatted the night away a really good night ;)



There may be more here but I've just lost my train of thought!

Friday, 14 March 2008

Hey Peeps, Ive had a request, there's been some suggestions of camel fucking and the Llama's are making a cumback

I've had a request and I intend to fulfil but hold on....

(*takes to one side*  look Kyra I couldn't give you exactly what you asked for! I just couldn't do that to as you'd see the video you'd leave Dean-o an I kinda like him)

So back to you guys as requested by one of the throng !....

Shsss it makes me feel powerful.....

Here we have for one night only....

Llama porn

taaaa daaaa


Don't look at me like that I wiped up afterwards!!!!

L Out

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

I think I’m being fucked by a llama


No I'm not I'm just bored! The projector for my new Wii which isn't coming for 3 weeks stoopid delivery bastards!!! Came today, other than that I am bored, bored, bored!

G had his interview today, for a new job cus he doesn't like the one he does now all wish him good luck now, now dammit

(stamps feet)


I said now!


I am just so bored


I got in, I ate, I read some blogs. Hey Kyra thanks for the comments hun ;) gonna have to try that ;) I added Avitable to my facebook I shot the shit out of a few things on counter strike including a toilet wielding a n uzi and a dustbin shooting at me with a 9mm.

I then ate some special K

Now I can't decide whether to eat more or masturbate any suggestions or shall I ask the llama?

I hope he's brought some lube!


L out

Monday, 10 March 2008

Creme Egg an Crunchie Mcflurries, fuck ups and forgets

Lets start with Mark again

Say hello everyone (Go on wave you bastards!)

Mark has dropped in to comment again so here we are =

Mark here again.. quite enjoying this commenting. Firstly - Good blog Lee - can't recall why stopped reading it.

Me and Garry are really pleased you enjoyed Saturday, Garry was particularly pleased that he had somebody to play on the Wii with - You never mentioned that Mr Whitaker procured you a mixed McFlurry.. :o)

any way - I'm here to comment on Ickletoria, She is our Cousin but she is my best friend, and my witness, her attendance is compulsary, she is as close to a best man that I would have.. although if it was a big gay wedding you 3 brothers would be my flower girls.. lol... frocks and all..


Now back to me because regardless of how what Mark says I'm more important! I am the eldest for god's sake let's not forget this key point in what is undoubtedly a selfish rant on my part hey!

Firstly I cannot believe I forgot the Creme Egg an Crunchie Mcflurry It was delish an all! We didn't have deserts at Miller & Carter G suggested we have Mcflurry instead multiple head nodding and the suggested was concreted in the annuls of time along with the ark of the covenant and the ten commandments or are they related? Where is Indiana when you need him....

Anyway we pulls up to the McDonalds drive thru window an G asks Mark what he wants and Mark states Creme Egg then G turns to me an I say Creme egg an Crunchie! Yes I am always awkward well the little uniformed troll of fast food servitude, she proceeds to shut the windows of plentiful food on us while she disappeared to ask the magical food people....

Meanwhile Mark turns to G an says I can't believe you asked for that you would have told me to feck off, well Mark see I'm special ;) Anywho said troll of fast food servitude returns and says yes to which I bounce up and down like a retarded space hopper clapping like a seal in the back seat and we move to the ethereal window of divine food delivery (or Kiosk 3).

Creme egg and Crunchie Mcflurry is really nice by the way ;)

As for Mark's most recent comment I would where a frock if you just asked me.....

I await my invite anywho likkle bro. At the end of the day I just want you an G to be happy an whatever it takes is fine by me you've fucked up we all have I've moved on we all do the only reason there will be a grey cloud is cus we live in Britain and it rains a lot (just thought I'd clarify that in case you hadn't noticed) Or if you let it.....


An you know what I wouldn't let it, its your day enjoy you know I might just gate crash anyway lol......


I'm kidding, well a little


Back to me cus Im ace well not too brill today actually went to see Dr and it was hard ended up really upset but he is really pleased with my progress and how I am self managing, jesus am I hadn't fucking noticed. I must be, he says he wants me less dependant on the system but he is still upping my medication in a few months, which kind pushed an pulled, I think I can see where he is going. He says I have to stop over analysing things, easier said than done he know's like when people say chin up the number of people I have mutilated beyond recognition in my mind for saying that to me you'd be amazed what you can do with a tea spoon and a chopstick!


Short an curlies of it are seein him drained and my head feels warm an empty

L out

Out with G an Mark Pt 2.

Just a quick intro first everyone say Hello to Mark as he joined us as an anonymous commentator to add his bit and make corrections, which I encourage whole heartedly. I stand corrected in a couple of Matters

Correction 1)

Evening - corrections (from his brother Mark)

I told Ma & Pa it was 12 people that were attending my Civil Union (don't know where 16 came from) and I named them, brothers aren't invited from either side of the partnership as we want small informal do with friends if we include parents and brother + partners it becomes 40+ people in attendance. And Garry and Myself do not want a big gay wedding...

Just wanted to clear this up from my part as you seem as misinformed as everyone else that mum or dad speak too.


Can't really argue with this one can I it all seems to make sense

Correction 2)

quite like commenting 

I think i'll do it on each post i'm mentioned in.... ;o)

Choose to attend the celebration of our civil union because you want to turn up, not because readers of your blog persuade you to attend.

(This isn't nice now cus he's talking to you guys don't listen to him, no don't I said! )

Mum & Dad have only been told that they may not be attending the ceremony at the Lakes, but no family members will be attending the ceremony (Vik is friend before family
(Regardless Mark She's still family so it's not no Family is it!!!!!)) I don't class my parents as above my brothers in family hierachy but as eqully important to my life. If none of my closest family wish to join in our celebration then so be it. Although Al has said he will be there!! 


In case you hadn't worked it out I added my bits in red after the event

This is still in the machinations status an as I haven't had an invite to either it's a mute point at the moment so we shall see, (We'll G verbally asked me, but I don't have a date or a proper invite)

Anyway back to yesterday, we ended up playing on the Wii for 3 hours it tells you, yeah it does, it really does. We played on various Wii sports games the boxing one has meant that I haven't been able to lift my arms above my shoulders today ;) Mark and G's friends S and J arrived and we all had cups of tea and chatted and watched some T.V. they are really nice I like them, We had a look at Resident Evil 4 which is really groovy Mark cooked which was nice and S an J had to go, We chatted a bit more then I had to go home all in all I had a really good day (Oh we ate the rest of Mark's chocolates as well ;) )

I was well an truly knackered Wii sports is awesome as is the Wii..... So I ordered one ooops naughty me.

The general theme of the day was it was a nice change I had a good day out and I suggested to Mark that he a organise a night and I'll cook he invite S and J round an we'll have a Wii party it will be reet fun.

So get on it Mark!

In different news, I'm see my nut Dr bout the old Cyclothymia tomorrow an I need to tell him how rough it's been this past month or so. I really am struggling to keep things together some days an other days I have really lucid days. I am more convinced it's the stress I am putting myself under at work. The problem is I really enjoy my work, but also I am also enjoying the days of clarity I am having when I know I am well and I haven't been for so long. Gonna have to give this some real thought as it may take some real serious life restructuring.

C has sent me a message on Face book about organising going to the Natural History Museum in London together (As Friends!) so that has lifted me

I'm tired so I'm going to bed

Oh quick shout out to fellow Blogger Kyra Sutra she really has been a blast recently struggling with some real life shite an all the time bein up beat (hot) and funny as go pay her a visit please

(Ok just go fecking read her blog......... now dammit)

L Out

Sunday, 9 March 2008

G and Mark

As I think I may or may not of mentioned Mark and G offered to take me out today and I thought it may have had something to do with the whole Civil Ceremony thing (Trauma an AWOOGA alert "sir we need the red bulb") but as it happens we had none of that, it went thus......

The plan was to pick me up at 11 I get a text just before to say this won't be the case as "the G has only jus got up" no probs I had had breakfast anywho ;) .

So at jus gone 12 they pick me up in Marks Aiygo (Spelling) an I get in the back reallistically we needed forceps lube 40 pounds of lard and a lump hammer but we managed it!

We head out of our local area on a main road an stop for fuel then we deviate off this A road so Mark can take us to one of many rural pubs they use many "err turn this way's" an G givin disapprovin looks later an some windy ass roads following a tractor an many white vans seein wales a slanty house a post box an me spankin Marks Monkey (See facebook, Album "Saturday") an we pull onto the same said A road from earlier an almost onto the carpark of an eatery we have used before G states we are eating here I need to pee I am lubed out of the back an we head inside....

The food was ace for details email me but I had a steak an cheese baguette v.nice the waiter cud of smiled more but he was cute enough an in a moment of weakness you probably would I ordered a decaf coffee which came in a thimble for £1.75 daylight bloody robbery but the food wasn't mortgage requirement worthy.

We chatted about jus stuff which was nice an then we headed back to Mark an G's via the A road funnily it took a quarter of the time to get home

Once home G got out the WII an in my shame this was my first time G took my WII Cherry an it was good the earth moved the heavens opened an I felt on the verge I'm off to do something vulgar now more tomorrow........

L Out
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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Do you feel dirtied soiled and violated

An why should I you ask? (ok you at the back that are enjoying the thought calm down )

Well, ok you personally maybe have no need to, well ok you over there do but you asked him to put it in there and you brought the marmalade

Any way I digress I am of course talking about you blog yes I went a little bit more public with you tonight I told them about you at group.

Is that it! You ask well yes I just told complete strangers I know and meet regularly physically in RL where to read about themselves

"Hello Girls"

No I'm not going to. calm down I promised not to mention them and I won't but it feels kinda weird telling people outside of family, that I will meet again it exists.
A bit like peeling back my Skull and saying "here ave a look in here will ya, aint it a mess"

In a way it also feels kind of invigorating in a release kind of way.

This was actually my last group session on that subject but we have agreed to meet up again in a months time and normally I wouldn't go but you know what I'm definately going! Which wheb considering the issues I have with close contact with woman an my group consists of me an 7 woman is one hell of a step in the right direction wouldn't you say ?

L out
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An old friend

I went for lunch with an old friend C yesterday we hadn't seen each other in some 8 yrs. We kinda went on a couple of dates back in when we where young but nothing serious an I used to have a heavy duty crush on her for a long time.

Any way we met for lunch I told her about my Bipolar she was understanding ;) we hugged we chatted we went back to her sisters I hooked her works laptop up to her sisters broadband we took her dog R for a walk in the nearby park then we parted company.

I think I've found a friend an no not like that this time a real friend its been so long an we'll see we may lose touch again but she has offered to take me round the natural history museum so we'll see Ill certainly work on staying in touch an you know what it made me so happy just havin someone to talk to

I know you don't read this or even know it exists but thanks C
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