Sunday, 24 December 2006

OK Its building to a frenzy

I'm backing myself into a corner again ;( It's all going to either end in tears or I will sort it last minute ;) Why do I always do this to myself ?

No I have no idea either?

Oh well ;)

I have actually had a good night I had a friend round tonight, I cooked for us both we consumed two bottles of red then went to the pub and I have just got in ;) Very good night indeed ;) I understand that I am just postponing the inevitable but time is a great healer lol so we shall see!

Anyone reading the whole blog will note that I am missing "you" heavily and can't contact her which isn't good but I'm sure i will cope somehow ?

The real humour (dark as it is, is that "you" doesnt know I exist :( )

Its christmas eve I am working in a few hours an my plans are bleak ;) but one way or another we will prevail ;)

I had a conversation with my Father today where I told him I wouldn't be dining with him and my mother for christmas day (they are divorced, long story) but he didn't seem to take it to well and I asked him to go and enjoy himself for me but he seemed not too convinced by my reasoning and wants but we shall see?

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