Thursday, 21 December 2006

Time, Space & Thoughts ?

I have been doing way to much thinking of late !

Thinking about things I don't really need to and probably worrying about things I don't really need to but not necessarily worrying about the things that I should :(

I have also been alot more confident in some instances with my emotional front and not confident enough in others ;)

as you can tell I'm not exactly helping myself work on a level playing field here am I !

Well one step at a time, I am after all only human ;)

its Christmas day in 4 days and I am avoiding it and trying to pretend its not there but its really not working its coming whether I like it or not! Now don't get me wrong its not that I don't like christmas its just that this year I am alone, In the U.K. long story and struggling with things so its not the best really but I am sure I will cope one way or another ;)

Right now I need friends around me but christmas is not really the time to be asking people to be giving up families just because I can't face mine ;(

One way or another things will work out I'm sure and so onwards and upwards we travel !

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