Thursday, 28 December 2006

An interesting day if a slight trawl ;)

So I slept really badly last night mainly cus I am suffering from a man cold (yes I am a typical male when it comes to colds ;) )

I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning at the last possible minute to go and meet with a potential client not in the mood at all, but within 15, 20 minutes of sitting with the client ( no longer potential now signed up ;) ) I had forgotten I was ill because the client had a fantastic idea and and really reeled me in so although by the time I got back to the office I was riding a fairly eurphoric wave which right now is losing its momentum but its been a good day ;) and even though we haven't reached 2007 yet its already looking good.

My head is in a fairly positive place I spoke to "you" today which was good and it was plainly obvious to my business partner and all around me that speaking to her cheered me up instantly ;)

I haven't actually directly told "you" yet and was actually thinking this morning that it might not be such a good idea to pursue anything but after talking to "you" I can't decide again now! We'll see.......

I still can't decide whether its a phase or whether these feelings are real ;)

I'm not gonna over think things because I am doing that with out thinking about it ;)

I talked to a someone who knows "you" about my feelings the other night and she asked me twice if it was "you" and I denied it and I really don't know why? I can't understand why I am so shy when it comes to real feelings when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex in general I never get shy or have any issues but for some reason when it comes to any kind of real emotion I seem to clam up and have great difficulty being honest ;)

Answers on an a e-card ;) !!!


barbie2be said...

who me? ;)

michele sent me.

barbie2be said...

michele sent me again today.