Friday, 29 December 2006

Well, I might have been over harsh on the man cold !

I woke up this morning an I could hardly move ;( Aching head, pains in my back and what I can only guess is a pack of rats trying to break out of my chest ! So i may have been just a little short on myself when I scolded myself for having a man cold, because what ever this is it bites !!!

So as you can imagine I'm not being all that productive today, but in my defense It hurts when I move ;(

I hope this shifts for New Year Eve I was looking forward to New Year's Eve.

I'm currently hungry an I want a cup of tea but I don't own a kettle and it hurts when I move ;(

I have lots of work to be doing and I feel really guilty for lying here typing this out but I can't properly concentrate anyway so I would have to go over anything I did so it would be a waste of time me doing it now ;)

Did I convince you cus I sure as hell didn't convince me ;(

I need to rally myself up and get myself sorted and do something productive, but it all hurts ;(


utenzi said...

Oh, man. That cold (flu?) sounds nasty, Oracle. I hope you're able to shake it off quick. Your weather over there sure isn't helping unless it's changed recently.

Good luck with New Year's Eve. Michele says "Hi".

JessiBelle said...

Take something with guafenesin in it, like plain Robitussin or Mucinex. It'll loosen up the mucus in your chest. Drinking lots of clear liquid will help too.

You don't have to have a kettle to make tea! You can boil some water in a sauce pan in the stove top or even a measuring cup in the microwave.

Feel better so you can party all weekend!

Happy New Year!

and oh yeah, michele sent me!

Claire said...

Hoping you get better for New Years Eve!

Thanks for stopping by my blog hopefully catch you again soon!

Happy New Year!

Carli said...

Youch. I wouldn't even try to do anything. I'd camp out on the couch with a blanket and, if there's a Chinese place that delivers, order a giant container of noodle soup. Feel better!