Saturday, 7 April 2007

The Weather is Lovely ;)

Well the weather over here on the emerald isle is fantastic this Easter weekend the sun is shining and the atmosphere is jovial ;)

On a stinky note I cant find my ticket for tonight ;( Ahhhhh

Im sure ill find it

I have had more Tattoo (see sidebar) ;) The pictures were taken yesterday so I hope to have them uploaded soon, well as soon as I get them off the photographer ;)

What am I doing today, well I am standing in for a member of staff as we have given him the weekend off to go and spend with his daughter and girlfriend and attempting to find my Ticket ?

Other than that its quiet so I'm going to meander over to Michele's and say Hello ;)


PI said...

Glad you are having this lovely weather. Two questions: where's the tattoo and ticket for what?
Forgive me if I ought to know but have been ultra busy.
Michele says Hi!

PI said...

Ah now I see. Thank you!

sage said...

Nice of you to stand in for a co-worker and allow him time to be with is daugther and girlfriend. I assume they're not on in the same. :) Here from Michele.

Carmi said...

Congrats on the new work of art! I'm praying that you find your ticket so that you can go out and have fun. You deserve it!

Popped by from Michele's today, but I'd otherwise come on my own got a good read.