Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Oooh I’ve been meaning to….

Afternoon people ;) I have been politely prodded by a fellow blogger today to update my blog as I have ‘nt been on for tooo long, an for why you ask? Well basically I have been meaning to ;o you know whats its I like, I must do that oh I must do that…..
An somewhere along the lines I managed to neglect my blog, well that’s just not on now is it ;(
So I have been popping along to Michele’s commenting happily and completely forgetting to post ;(
So where have I been well for most of the week I was stressing about a presentation I was giving to local parents on Wednesday which actually went quite well for a first run ;) Turn out was really bad but that just showed there was more apathy than we expected which I cant control, I mean I was in the local press four times and on the radio lol
Then Thursday I had some more work on my tattoo ;) two and a bit hours of real therapy this psychiatry business is jus psycho babble get your ass under the gun for a couple of hours it sorts everything out ;) He has again done an awesome job and it is looking superb so more pictures soon….
Thursday I went to the pub then toddled off home rather tipsy but chilled and inked up, Friday I popped round to my tattooist to pick up some of the hemp healing goo and his lovely assistant also known as his ex wife and business partner let it slip that there had been a cancelation and well it would have been rude to say no….
So Friday I had another hour ;) Oh therapy in bulk ;) on my elbow and again he pulled it out of the bag its looking awesome ;)
Then the debauchery started ……
We popped over the road for a couple of beers and I think I ended up in there til quite late ooops…
So I was delicate Saturday morning which didn’t end til Saturday afternoon at which point a friend of ours who has just landed a job in Brussels as a stagier for the Labour Party I think it may well be called the socialist party im not sure (answers on a postcard) popped in to say he was back for the weekend and we where to catch him for a beer later and so out for something to eat and then into the pub to catch “G” for a beer the pub was rammed so I only really got to chat to him in the Toilets (don’t ask) and he was well and we arranged to meet up properly on Sunday as he was with his brother and some mates so I sloped off to my crowd and left relatively sensibly….
Sunday comes I get up, go round to a friends for breakfast we pop over to his godfathers to deliver a machine to him that I repaired and then we get back about 4 and I hit the pub well…. Next thing I know its Monday I can hardly see stand or breathe and it feels like there is a french brass band and a roadside work crew in my head all competing fro space and volume……
What a weekend…..
This weekend should be fun I have tickets to the Launch night of Blood Relative at the paintworks in Bristol but me being me I have no –one to go with so it’s a case of go alone or ask that question…..

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