Tuesday, 10 April 2007

O'Reilly Radar > Draft Blogger's Code of Conduct

OK People, I'll start by saying hello ;)

I think you one and all as blogggers should go and read this I'm kinda in two minds about this, on one side I think it is a good idea on the other I am not so sure if blogging isn't abou ttotal free speech... I mean Natural Mental Implosion wouldn't be the random out pourings from my brain if I scensored it now would it....

I'm unsure here comments welcomed in fact on this subject I think it sa must

O'Reilly Radar > Draft Blogger's Code of Conduct


Carmi said...

Hi Oracle. Coincidentally, I was quoted in a Reuters (!) piece on this very issue.

Details on my blog:

Read down to the bottom. Much discussion ensued.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Bob-kat said...

I'm totally against this I'm afraid. Those that would abuse the system are not going to behave simply because there is a code of conduct adn those of us that know how civilised people behave don't need it!

That's just my view but you asked! :0)

Hope you're having a good weekend. Michele snet me to say hi!

David said...

i think it will woprk BECAUSE it is voluntary. I would use a code of conduct on my blog.
its not like the blogosphere couldn't use some cleaning.