Thursday, 26 April 2007

I’m Late posting again ;(


I don't know why I am late posting….


Well I do and I don't ;o I had a very interesting Friday, My Brother "M" picked me up and Me "M" and his Partner "G" went to one of our local towns to a Vodka bar where my sister's Partner also "G" had hired out part of the bar for her birthday. This was the interesting part because "M" did not tell me that My Birth Mother "J" was going to be there until we where well and truly on our way. This caused me to nearly have a little bit of an episode as I hadn't been out in ages to attempt to deal with a crowd and I certainly hadn't been anywhere near my Family or that side of the Family in far too long I knew My sisters "L" & "C" where going to be there as it was "C's" Birthday and "M" had already informed me that "L" was running late plus she had emailed me earlier that day to ensure I was still going. (I have a history of hiding at the last minute & not coming out of my dark corner).

Anyway we got there it was half as scary as I had imagined and as it turns out "J" is going to Mexico very soon and had just had her Jabs and this had knocked her about so her and her husband (who is 4 Years older than me, yes you read that right 4 Years) where not coming. So that relaxed me a little bit. All In all I was very sociable, well in my own special way at one point a friend of "C's" started to hit on me over my Tattoo and I shied away and started to people watch out of a window but I had a good chat to my younger sister "L" and all in all enjoyed the night "M's" partner "G" only stayed for an hour or so as he doesn't really drink or do socialising but it was good of him to come out and me and "M" stayed until about midnight at which point we wandered round to another bar where our cousin "E" works.

"E" works in an eighties bar an wow we saw some sights she was acting a little weird and shy which I later found out was because she had had a run in with a customer earlier so we left had some chips (drunken munchies food) and "G" came and picked us up we went back to "M" & "G's" place where I eventually collapsed on the spare bed…..

I woke Saturday slightly hung over but not too bad had a fairly standard Saturday at work and the weekend generally passed without incident….

Monday, Tuesday of this week saw me unusually down which has really got to me be I think I am through it again now, well I hope.

There was an interesting development on Tuesday "B" got in touch and basically insisted I go on some kind of Adventure weekend, to bring me round the reasoning was exercise and meeting people. At one point she actually MSN'ed me saying please, please, do it…..

I just don't think it's my kind of thing and to be quite frank at the moment finances just aren't good enough for me to be planning anything other than Paris to which I already have the flights and concert tickets booked I just need somewhere to stay and spending money Mwaaa hah ha ah

She informed me that she is training for the Great North Run (news to me, an I am supposed to know her) and she said she feels great and home life is good….

Well work is going well for me at the moment, and home life stinks, I am lonely (cept for the Kids Q & Smeg (My cats) only thing keeping me sane) and I have very little to look forward to but I just couldn't be arsed to tell the happy little bunny ….


Nah I'm not bitter, I taste sweet honest ;)

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David said...

hoping for your continued path toward clarity and freedom, the journey is worth the effort alone.