Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Well the question is are these tablets working my moods are to shit at the moment. Actually they are'nt I think I am just focusing on the dark ones and the paranoia appears to be coming thick and fast I just think I have to fight it hard and not take it out on any one.

I am definately affected by stress it ithout doubt kicks off my episodes, that I have spotted on a couple of occasions and although my Dr told me these new tablets would affect my weight I really have piled it on but there again I am comfort eating again because my moods are up and down all the time its hard to find a good balance I need to excercise....

That dread that fills us all when we think of the push it takes to get us to excersice urrrgh

I have a definate look of pork mountain about me lol


on a positive note I am taking links for every one that reads and comments between now and christmas I will add a link to my site

come on peeps link it up

Oh and go and visit Art Collective

This week me and P&C ( I am renaming my illness this because as previously stated it is like sharing your mind with a very real version of your confidence and paranioa but they have the ability to take over gaffa tape you to a chair and leave you there while they wreak havoc) have been listening to Russell Brand very funny guaranteed thave me laughing inanely for what appears to be no reason (if I have my hoody on of course lol.) and to eep it at least slightly techie related Boag World

Now we are tired and are going to try not to stay awake til stupid hours for no apparent reason


L (previously Oracle, now L and P&C or L or insane or that person you cross over to avoid or just plain good old "wibble")

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