Wednesday, 24 October 2007

So it turns out P&C kept me up til god knows what time last night...

(ok it was gone 5 )

I got up at 8 (late groggy and generally feeling like shite) had the day from hell (emotionally) I kept feeling faint and tired like I had been punched in the stomach and worked from 9 til 1830 and generally had a very productiove day workwise which begs the question Why?

P&C had me thinking all kinds of things over last night I got into the office this morning and everybody had at least four emails a piece from me about something I had written up or ranted on me last night, most amusing as it even got brought up in a client meet & greet that I can be very productive at unusual hours (reassuring the prospective client that we can 24 hr roll their server)

I got in from our last call an internet hook up and literally hit the sack woke up at 11 and am still here now three hours later ok I'm tired an I think I may fall asleep but is this a visuos cycle that will end in a really bad week who knows who dares to wonder....

Actually I tell you who probably knows P&C I bet he's sitting there up in my mind with a lofty expanisve view chuckling his loopy little guts up knowing I have the accelorator and the gears, he has the steering wheel the clutch and the handbrake come on P&C bring it on.

I have had a major fall out nee barny come war with my closest by age brother M which I could go into detail about but right now every time I think about him I want to burn something so I think well save that one for either later My shrinks office or the mental shredder.


oooh quicky I nearly forgot to mention go visit a very humourous friend of mine Musings of a Marginal go on your boss is on lunch and you know that paperwork can wait


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