Thursday, 25 October 2007

Well good Morning,

Just let me give you a little background I am having mood swings on a daily basis but not what can be described as mood swings like one mood tuesday another wednesday....

Oh no where it that simple my mood can change within a ten minute conversation I can be talking to somebody and start off agressive and uite confrontational and come away the nicest person that you have met my mood shifts that quickly of its own bloody accord then there is almost an underlying second stage which is my external mood which in a way triggers the other moods. So if I am feeling well and ok and everything is running smoothly then my moods will swing a certain way yet if I am stressed or down or under the weather then a completely different kettle of fish is with us.

That's how P&C likes to play not exactly fair now is it as you will see I have been attempting to get to grips with the whole thing and it will come over time.

I went to bed last night after eating and I pretty much had to force myself to do that not because I was down or not hungry mainly because I was so tired, so I ate and then went for a lie down I think I breifly wok esome time between 11 and 12 and then went back to bed then I wok ejust before 5 this morning feeling slightly groggy but awake and just morning groggy nothing else which was interesting because I have been feeling shite all week and hardly sleeping anf last night I slept like a baby.

Go figure ?

All I can say is I feel good today Good Morning World ;)

bring on the weekend ;)

P&C your a bastard for the last three days

Linkage of the day I have been an avid Gmail user for god knows how long now and ts ace but dont listen to me go have a look

Actually while we are talkingabout links I have also become some what of a facebook addict in recent months if you arent using which I cant believe go hve a look

L out

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Enfield Kebab-King said...

Hang in there matey!!! Doing good!