Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Whats going on, why is it going on and when will it stop

Well, I haven't been around for a while mainly because I have been coming to terms with a few things dealing with the fact that I have to admit this thing (bicurious polar bear, as a friend calls it) is with me for good now and also I have been making some changes and deciding what I want out of life.....

What do I want, well I want to be chilled happy and live every day as it comes :) and that people is how I intend to try and live my life. Notice I said try there, because I still have my bad days but there are fairly infrequent now and I am getting better at spotting them I am also realsing some people when they are hurtful or upset me don't really mean it and even though it really does rile and upset me what I have to do is pull myself out of it and just forgive them.

Unconditional Love, and Its all for the Greater Good

That is my new Mantra I learnt this and many more things from this lady Anne Jones

I was introduced to her work by a relaxation therapist I have started to have a series of therapies with Martha Brophy who has opened my eyes to a whole different world and I thank her every time I see here and often in my thoughts for her help.

Also I have recently joined a Business Networking group which I have been appointed group leader of my Area for which has done wonders for my confidence and self-esteem.

I think I have gone off on a tangent here but all in all I am more of me than I have been in a long while I have left the empty husk of a person I was 6-12 months ago behind and have evolved into a more open more emotionally aware and definately more attuned person who is willing to give as well as receive and above all help before wanting.

All in all I think I am back more than I have ever been and I think I am going to try and keep this here upto date again so

Hello blogosphere Im back Im bad and yes my grammar is shite...........


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