Wednesday, 24 September 2008


I have been asked to make an addendum to the last post as I have been told to tell you

"she didnt have the boys whilst we were together, they came with her as part of the package! I will be giving out a totaly wrong impression with how I worded that!"

So hopefully thats cleared that up and apparently my grammar is terrible lol

Well thanks B :)

I should also note that I had a new post written out yesterday and blogger and gmail appeared to be playing up or was it just me so......

post lost.

what have we to report Hmmmmm I found a sock, no that's of no importance errrr.....

I want no sorry I need, er no I would really like a holiday but just not happening at the moment.

Big news is I have my driving test on Wednesday so.,..... nerves are building steadily for that.

I don't know if I had told you but apparently my grammar is terrible, not that I'm hurt or anything :(


OK don't know as I have anything else to post at the mo

peace out peeps

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