Sunday, 14 September 2008

It's been the weekend


barr going round to a clients to set up their wireless at home and be completely scared witless by their 4 kids and choatic household.......

Don't get me wrong lovely family but fuck me I had to get out I stepped intot the corner at one point and they thought I was fucking kidding!

So after that I came home went to bed for a nap the whole Mark [see previous post] thing took it right out of me so I slept til late which isn't good for P&C but hey I needed it so I woke up stayed up til late cus I had napped and still woke up at 8:30.....

My mom was s'posed to be picking me up at 9, she rang at 9 to say she was leaving she is perpetually late but can be always forgiven as she covers with food this morning it was fresh oatcakes and I mean fresh as in she handed them to me and I went SHITE they're effin hot [don't swear round mom she hits harder than me.....

So I ate oatcake on the way to hers we got there she cooks up bacon cheese and oatcake's yeeeeeeaaaah they're awesome with brown sauce to top it off then

1. rip up her friends laminate floor
2. take crap from above to tip
3. eat chicken and mushroom pie mom has made me
5. walk round one of local towns for two hours on guided history tour
4. watch comedy with cup o' tea
5. come home
6. surf t'internet aimlessly

Then find myself writing blog just to say barr that weekend has been really really quite [reads last post]

Has it?

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