Friday, 12 September 2008

:: bows gracefully ::

He's turned his life around. He used to be depressed and miserable. Now he's miserable and depressed. - David Frost


That was on my igoogle today so I thought I'd share.....

My brother has really fucking pissed me off today so much so I want to construct a pire and burn the bastard alive obviously when I have had my meds I'll calm down but......

Arrrrrrgggggghhhh wwwwooooooo hooooooo

he's just an incipid self centred bastard

feel free to email him and ask him his opinion

Im sure it will differ but you know Im venting here Im allowed to vent its my god damn blog.

No doubt he'll comment I'll delete it [hint] and away we go.

Whats he done, well he's just got married and all the way up to the wedding he's been fucking bridezilla, prissy little pansy must be like this must be like that want you here, dont want you here. Now he's married he's turned into one of those controlling wives that gets beaten to death with a big fucking spanner [I IN NO WAY CONDONE PHYSICAL VIOLENCE TOWARDS WOMEN] I want to do this I want you to be in my shadow I am the best you will conform I am the adult I am all knowing......

Well guess what ASSHOLE?

No I wont no one controls me and no you fucking won't.

I think we are going to come to blows there have been a couple of close calls already one where he was stood in front of me and he looked at me with this look of disdain and I thought fuck it Im just gonna knock the twat through the wall then at his wedding party he looked down his nose at me and I thought I'll just kick it across the fucking lawn.....

but see I am trying to live a calm relaxed chilled life with forgiveness and unconditional love where everything is for the higher good he is the only stumbling block pompous little bastard!

now four deep breaths innnnnnnn, outtttttt!


ƒåυνέ said...

If I ever start another blog, I'm going to name it "Mark Whitaker-Brookes is and asshole" just because it has such a nice ring to it.


Oracle said...

I just got this comment on my blackberry and just laughed out loud always there Fauve :)