Friday, 4 January 2008

This was a comment

My Christmas went way to well, as well.

It's bad do these people not know we have blogs to write...

lol no that's right mine don't.

Oh who am I kidding I had a good time, first time I was with my family over the hols for five years and nothing to tell my shrink, I'm sure he'll be upset he's had a twelve month build up to this event. Now I'm just gonna have to let him down gently.

New Year on the other hand I starting drinking on Saturday, yeah , yeah I know knew year wasn't until Monday well let's just say I gave myself a couple of days off and may have overdone it a little but its all good now =]

I'm currently off drink and cigarettes. Not because of the binge it was my plan to have twelve months off don't tell anyone but I have porked out a bit over the last twelve months and I could do with shifting a few pounds.

As the title states I was over at Fauves being a nuisance and I was posting a comment and the above came drivelling out and I thought ooh I can't leave that as a comment it's just rude so I shortened it to a comment and came home and posted this....

Bored yet lol

Well New Years Eve I went out with my dad and some friends for a few beers then went to meet some other friends and bumped into You and friends and family (same group in the linked post) and oh I just can't control my emotions for that female but hey distance (she's in London now) and Her boyfriend will sort that. (Here's hoping hey)

(I may be slightly hung up on her, you know the old can't move on business)

I also bumped into an old friend A on New Year's Eve and we have revived contact since which is cool.

Never Mind the Year is moving in the right Direction.

I mean I have just had three really dark days and what with my new Meds and some strong mental tactics I think we are through it and I didn't block up my blog with dark once



L Out

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