Thursday, 10 January 2008

I Am Legend

I went to the cinema tonight with my brother which was cool we went and had a drink first then we got some munchies and went and sat down in the cinema to watch a film we where both looking forward to seeing [mental not read imdb before going to see a film....]



If its a Zombie film IT SHOULD BE THE LAW that they have to put it in the tagline to give you some kind of warning, I honestly nearly shat my pants I was expecting something along the lines of castaway with a sci-fi twist and I got 28 days later and no sleep for another week....

From what I saw when my eyes weren't shut (you've guessed it reader I'm a big assed scaredy cat )its a damn good film although obviously you should go out and ask someone who watched the whole film.

I like Will Smith he's a good actor the one thing I will say is they missed a lot of plot explanation out, there you go you gotta watch it now to see what I mean.

Oh an the doc has prescribed me some temazepam for my insomnia so actually maybe zombies won't be an issue

Goodnight All


L Out



So that is what he is scared...VERY scared....of in the trailers. I really, really want to see this movie but I am usually scared of Zombie movies. You made it easier for me when I do see this. :-)

Carmi said...

We saw the movie over the holidays as well. Went to see it with my cousin, a New York native who lives on one of the streets that was depicted in the movie.

I loved the premise and execution of the film. Really made me think! I'm generally not a zombie movie fan. But this one had a broader message that made it more of a thinker's film.

And Will Smith is an incredible actor. He's become an actor I'd go see just because he's in the movie - and I rarely do that!

Natsthename said...

Michele sent me, and I'm glad she did. I was thinking of seeing this flick, but I'll wait for the DVD. It's not as scary at HOME. ANd I HATED 28 Days Later because I was freaked by it! LOL.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Temazepam? Is that like Marzipan? Because I don't think that will help much...