Saturday, 12 January 2008

American Politics

I don't really follow politics too much I keep an eye on it in a sort of yeah it seems to be simmering along like it has done for decades in a a dromant giant kind of way, but this year I have found myself also keping an eye on American politics.

I have no idea why I'm not American, maybe its because alot of what goes on over in American can now affect the world as they are becoming as powerful as they are and oh what with their "we smell oil lets raze a country tactics" but all in all I think Im rooting for Obama or Clinton.

If I had the vote I think, I'd vote for hilary plus she's hot and I don't think I'd sleep with any of the others...

I need a holiday, have I told you this dear readers? If not I do, I'm tired its been over a year since I had a proper break and I need one.

L out

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