Sunday, 15 July 2007

This is my 100th Post (Things I have forgotten to post about)

I cant remember if I have ever bogged about this I an don't know why but I don't wanna go back but a while ago I fell out with "B" an she has spoken to me since ok I have been as guilty in none reply but she was quite harsh. The reason I bring this up today on my 100th post is I woke up this morning thinking about it an I had, had an awesome dream (which for the record since I started my meds I am dreaming again I cant remember the last time I dreamt ) anyway yeah the last time me and "B" spoke was over MSN (no suprise there) and the last thing she said to me was 'Why do you even talk to me' I couldn't come up with a good enough answer and we haven't spoken since.

Which after everything we went through I think is a real shame, but I am too stubborn to cross the bridge or hold out the Olive branch and to be honest I think she manipulated me a little bit in the overall grand scheme of things.

To the point where right now at this exact moment in time I actually dislike her and was considering righting her an obituary. Dont get freaked out I wasn't planning to kill her I just planned to use it as a mental end of story.

Ahh see now its making sense isn't it dear reader now you can see why I need this blog some things I just cant keep locked up in here for to long its not healthy.

I have been asked by a good blog friend to post some photos of the apartment I still haven't got around to charging my camera or for that matter finding the charger but in all fairness I did get a new phone yesterday and the camera on that will probably surfice so as soon as I have loaded the software on this computer I will sort some photos out.

Thursday I had an urge to cook, don't ask me why I just did so I cooked a Lasagne and chocolate toffee shortbread. Well the lasagne was awesome and a big hit but I just wasn't happy with the chocolate toffee shortbread so on Friday I made Cannelloni and more chocolate Toffee shortbread this time I played around with the recipe and it was spot on, the shortbread was just right buttery melt in your mouth and the toffee was fudgy very Moorish. Oh the cannelloni was awesome too.



BreadBox said...

Congratulations on 100! Are you going to post the recipes? Especially now that you have got the chocolate toffee shortbread right!

Michele sent me!

ƒåυνέ said...

Nice apartment and he cooks too...
I'm starting to think those ex's of yours must have been dropped on their heads as infants.

Oracle said...

fauve, Flattery will get you everywhere.... ;)

Thanks for the comments I hate to brag but I am an awesome cook an I have my mother to thank, so thanks mum ;)