Friday, 6 July 2007

It’s Friday I’ve moved again

I need to lose weight I have decided the quitting smoking has failed I brought ten tonight and have smoked one ;0)


I have no will power

I need a hobby and I have decided I haven't had sex in far too long does sex count as a hobby I certainly enjoy it

I will post more I am still tidying up ish or settling in Im not sure what its really classed as I have boxes half unpacked and stuff in cupboards where it doesn't belong.

The Kids are happy as they can go out more easily and although it has a bedroom less its actually bigger (pah go figure)

TTFN back soon


mar said...

I actually never thought of sex as a hobby but as long as it is a free time occupation, it sounds fine to me!!!
You can quit smoking. You can quit smoking.
Michele sent me to tell you that , have a nice weekend!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for your visit, Oracle....

Hey, maybe after you are settled in with this move---a very very streeful thing to do----You will be able to Kick-That-Habit!
And if you gained weight, well give yourself a break....You will lose it again...The smoking is more critical, and not just for you but for your family, too...Second-Hand Smoke, and all that...
Much Good Luck in your new place!

gautami said...

Yes, I agree with mar. You can quit smoking.

A should have been too instead of two!

Here from michele!

mar said...

Hi again, Michele sent me to remind you to quit smoking *wink*
happy sunday to you!