Wednesday, 11 July 2007

I think I have found my sanity

Well technically that's a lie, I think I know where I left it and hey fuck it! It can bloody well stay there what with these meds I am in a much happier place things don't stress me half as much as they used to I have the odd bout of anxiety but even they are getting less and less in their appearance.

I have realised I have to do something about "you" as my emotions are now well and truly in control as I was reading a post or equivalent on a social networking site she made to her ex an I got Jealous hmmm not good I actually invited her round to my new place an offered to cook an she agreed, so we shall see ;)

Hey I can hope, all's not lost as long as you have hope

I am well and truly settled in the new place the Kids can go out whenever they want and it just feels more relaxing than the old place. Plus the bonus is I can see more of what's going and indulge the voyeur in me lol (I'm just nosy really)

I have my laptop set up in a study come library now and as you will be able to browse should you feel the need I am indexing my vast book collection using Shelfari go see its an awesome site if you like your books ;)

Anywho nice chatting to you but I must be off

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Janet said...

Ahhhh, it's so nice to be in a much happier place, good for you!

Hi, Michele sent me :-)