Monday, 16 July 2007

I only actually posted this picture to amuse myself as today I realised my reading Lamp on my desk at the office looked like a Skutter from Red Dwarf ok Missing the fingers but its my Imagination stop messing......

Oh an I've had the day from Hell cus BT decided to bugger my phone lines and Bills to high heaven they didn't even use Lube or leave a tip so Ive come in had a brew a prawn mayo, chive and roquefort sandwhich, then I finished the last of the afore mentioned Toffee Shortbread then the fudge that I have fudged that hasn't quite set I had put in the freezer and I poured some over double choc chip muffin's yes comfort food is the only way to relieve stress after you have made call centre staff cry
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Quick Edit, possibly an aside I just had a visit from the ever Lovely Michele
(go visit an say Hi...... No now, not later now........ You aren't Listening ;) ...... )
She lets many of us litter her blog with our comments and brings us together in many ways for that and the Comment I would like to say thank you Michele ;)
Thank you
oh and the fudge was fantastic

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Michele said...

It is, of course, your fault that I just glanced over at my desk lamp to see what it looks like. It is also your fault that I am now disappointed that my lamp looks like a mere lamp. Yes, boring. Perhaps I should shop for more interesting lighting.

Or, better plan: go find myself some fudge to soothe my lamp disappointment.

The fudge? Yes, you will also be blamed for that.

Thank you for visiting the "post of the week." I truly appreciate it Oracle.