Friday, 18 May 2007

Oh bugger Im a moron

I have just realised I have effectively annihilated my anonymity by publishing a link to face book I am a moron sometimes and I preach to people about staying safe online what a complete Muppet is I


Problem solved ;) I removed the link yeah you 'll find it if you want to but its not painfully obvious



Write From Karen said...

I had to laugh at this - I've done the exact same thing and then linked to my professional site which pretty tells everyone everything about me save for the actual address - and that wouldn't be hard.

Oh well. It's either remain anonymous or get business.

Decisions, decisions, lol.

Michele says hello!

Bobealia... said...

Ugh. I'm anonymous too, and it is hard to post about stuff without revealing too much. For example, I can't even post about what I read anymore because peeps will figure out where I work!
Hugs from Michele's.

utenzi said...

Being anonymous is never easy! LOL But at least you noticed the link and corrected things, Oracle.