Friday, 18 May 2007

I may or may not have done something stupid

Hey people,

:) Long time no post (well for my regular readers anywho ;) )

I have been away signing up to all types of things and have been really slack updating my blog so much so I havent even been to see Michele in over a week I will pay her a visit this weekend though ;)

So what have I been doing well besides developing an addiction to CSI which is unusual for me as I don't normally watch that much telly I have actually been working my ass off which is all good ;) I have been sorting my new Tattoo photo's out as you can see over at Myspace ;) as well as generally surfing the net and not posting here. Well here I am so....

Well what may I or may I not have done that is stupid well I am on facebook now and I found out you can import a blog from an RSS feed or a website so naturally I put in my blogger URL then hit confirm.....

Then froze and went all cold, why you ask well I have posted about friends and people I know on here that I may be connected to or have as friends on facebook and I read one of the most recent ( no I am not putting a link to it and make it easier to find ;) ) and thought oh dear they are bound to work it out from that lets face it I have nt exactly used the worlds most complex cypher now have I *slaps own wrists*

Well for all my regular readers I am bound to be back more often now writing about the stress I have caused myself lol

As for all the newbee's from Facebook welcome and enjoy but beware this is my Natural Mental Implosion

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