Saturday, 30 June 2007

Is it an addiction or do I just despise being told no?


I know I'm not supposed to be drinking on my current course of Meds and yet I persist ;( Ok not as frequently as I used to its is no where near as often I hardly if ever drink in the week any more but last night I was invited by my Brother "N" to see a some friends who perform in a band Maelstrom play in one of my local pubs. An what can I say I enjoy drinking I just don't enjoy the after effects ok luckily I didn't wake on a downer this morning but It was only luck added by the fact that I had a really good night last night but still why do I do it?

Anywho I am ok slightly hungover but it happens I am planning to quit smoking tomorrow so all the help I can get is gonna be needed folks ;)


Bob-kat said...

I think it is human to want to do something if you are told you can't :) I guess the doctors role is like a parent, sometimes they tell us we can't do something because it's for our own good! :). I ma glad you had such a good night you didn't have a major downer.

Michele sent me to say hi which is great as I am long overdue a visit here!

ƒåυνέ said...

lol I so hate being told 'no'. I swear that's why I still smoke...cause my mum always made such a big deal out of it. I swear, if she shut up about it, it would be easier.