Friday, 29 June 2007

28 Days Later

Ok so I've been in hiding……

I'm 28 Days into my Medication well 29 Days but 28 Days Later sounded better ;)


Well no I haven't I have just been really lazy when it comes to blogging commenting and general internet, I haven't even used my laptop @ home in god knows how long I dunno why I just haven't had the need or inclination to really. I am still going to be blogging I'm just not sure how frequently?

What is really good at the moment is Im reading again and I am getting up in the mornings well when I'm not its literally because I am tired and only that. For now back to the reading In the last two weeks I have read The Red Dwarf Omnibus, Michael Connellys The Narrows, and I am just about to finish The Historian By Elizabeth Kostova This is one of the best books I have read in ages a Historical Romance about Vlad Tepes and the Dracula Legend with Intrigue Suspense and Romance and thrill thrown in for good measure all in all an awesome read, I would advise anyone to buy and read this book.

"you" is back on the scene but I think I have come to the conclusion that we are just going to be friends even though I know I have stronger feelings for her I am sure they are not returned even though she see's me as a very good friend that is all it is meant to be which is a shame because she lights me up and she is so intelligent and so beautiful she has a radiance that glows from within and she is just so creative…..

Other than me work is busy I just need to reschedule a holiday as I am going to need one.

A blogger friend of mine has some awesome news well she had it over a week ago but still go over and congratulate her I personally wish Fauve and Thing all the best in there new life together and hope she continues to keep up her blog no matter what the content ;)

Congratulations to the happy couple ;)

As for me Im getting there which is ace ;)

So bring it on world its all cyclic and im in a form of evolution


mar said...

Hi, I saw you at Michele's. I don't know you but I hope that medication is helping you. Reading is such a pleasant activity, I have my pile for the summer!
enjoy your weekend, even if you are not blogging :)

Carmi said...

The let's-be-friends thing is a tough one. I remember something similar from my teen years, but the stakes were always lower at that age. It hurts more in adulthood.

I hope she sees the light, so to speak, at some point. You're a good soul, and you deserve happiness.

Michele agrees wholeheartedly with me, BTW.

ƒåυνέ said...

Thank you so much. You're such a sweetie!
And it's good to see you blog again, no matter how infrequently. I just like to make sure you're okay.

David said...

i love reading Michael Connelly in part, because I grew up in the valley ( LA area) and because he is a good story teller