Saturday, 15 August 2009

What's been going on

Hi Everyone :)

I know you've missed me, yes you have stop trying to hide it :)

Well I'm employed now, I've moved 33 miles north to be nearer my new job, which I am loving and is keeping me a little close to the edge.

Ifor instance wednesday and thursday of this week I had minor episodes in the afternoon and had to go lie down. Other than that I'm happier and more relaxed and more me than I have been in a long time.

I realised only last week that another thing that moving has done for me is helped me escape from a decade of ex's which is always good.

I have become somewhat of a twitterholic of late and would appreciate the follow @leebrookes or @beacon4business for the new job :)

If your on twitter and you want some fune people to follow


All worth a follow :)

The new job is helping me stay on top of technology more than ever which is always good so I'm a happy bunny
So everything is going swimmingly at the moment and other than being really busy I couldn't be happier

Tweet me up peeps

L out
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victims of lee said...

You may avoid your ex girl (singular) but how about changing your life for good and stop avoiding your debts (multiple). So many debts, some money but most moral.

Oracle said...

Anonymous posting is so yesterday :)