Friday, 26 June 2009

Not blogged workin too damn hard

Blame my new boss peeps, She's pushing me like a slave driver :)

Not that I'm complaining its great to be at the start of something so new and exciting (but don't tell her she's a bit of a control FREAK (with a capital F) )

I've been on a week long training course this week under her tutalage *spelling* and its been good for a multitude of reasons one I get to see how good she is at her job and she is very good at it (obviously enjoys what she does) and I get to learn new stuff which I love its probably my fourth favourite hobby (***, reading, eating) just in case you wondered.

This week has been long though I am sat on my second train of the day ( overcast but muggy) at 751am o.n Friday morning waiting to leave after setting off at just after 6am and I won't be getting in until gone six so its been a week of exhaustive 12 hour days. Enjoyable twelve hour days but after getting in and eating my body goes into shutdown

So that's why I haven't posted this week !

The other weeks well I've been busy!

Some good news for 12 year old boys everywhere this morning Michael Jackson died !

A sad loss for music some will say and I feel for his family and children but I won't miss the man !

On other news I'm down south on a training course on Tuesday with the new boss so busy busy busy

Ill try an post more regulary

L out
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colleen said...

It's amazing how high and low one many can go in one lifetime. Hope things settle down soon. Netchick said to.