Friday, 9 January 2009

Poorly sick

Hello faithful reader,

I haven't gone back on my promise or anything as far as not posting, I promise. Its just that I have hardly known who I am this last week let alone what I have been doing well enough to post about it!

Here in th UK we've had snow cold snaps and this virus / Infection thingy that has me knocking back meds like the really nice liquorice allsorts that are never left when you get to a pack....

Also what with it being a new year I have been reminisng on things lost mainly friendships.

One you all know about I'd link to it but I'm on my blackberry the other two are a little different. The first concerns a relationship I had with a woman who was posted as B and I think we fell out. Over what I'm still not sure I just remember her last words to me "why do you talk to me?"

I really miss her sometimes we didn't speak sometimes we didn't get on but she was a friend for a long time....

Number two knows who she is, she reads this blog we had a thing, I was a bastard to her she didn't deserve it we parted five or so years later we got baack in touch she's married now with another child we got on better than before we chat regularly then her husband finds out and she does the decent thing and we don't communicate again...

I miss her too

Number three

Well she broke me into small pieces and left me to rot and although I'm over her I need to get her out of my system as I think that's the last thing from stopping me from moving on its gonna be 4 years in may that I will have been on my own since her and I'm started to want that company, you know bottle of wine on the sofa candles and relaxing music or something good to eat and just enjoying each others company......

Oh an let's not forget the sex!

L out
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