Tuesday, 28 August 2007

I have been finding myself

Hello people I have missed you all ;) I haven't been online in so long and I miss it mentally and physically. I have realised I need my blog/Journal to keep me somewhat sane it is one of the many tools I use to balance my mental and my physical and I really should make all the effort to keep it up I have been having an inwardly dark month and I really don't know why I have been discovering new things.


I have baked cookies

I have made smoothies

I have learnt how to use essential oils to calm and relax me

I have found Liquorice root (Mmmm yeah)

I have missed all my online friends and fellow bloggers, I haven't even been in a state to visit my good friends… Well I made an appointment to go and see the doc today as I thought I was getting so much better and obviously I am not, so I will ask them to up the dosage once more ;( I need to excersice I am sure that will help but as any one who has been where I am will know motivation is a major difficulty when you are down in the dark and its not good but with the new tools and coping strategies I am developing I am hoping motivation is going to come with the pile. Here's hoping



ƒåυνέ said...

There is always hope.

The Talker said...

Been there , did that, and the best yet to be.
I vent lightly through my blogs.

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