Friday, 23 September 2011

Why do I let it / her get to me

So, she used me spat me onto the pile like a disused rag and I wasn't even used in a good way.

Today I saw her I got completely and utterly ignored and well know I have deleted her from my phone and blocked her from the messenger we used to use!

Enough is enough.  I helped her in her time of need and what do I get pfft

sorry peeps rant over


Anomaly said...

cheers to that! Come look at my blog if you want more to complain about!
Check it out!

secrets of a twenty something female said...

aaah, a fellow Bi polar and or Bi Awesome ranting blogger - the chick seems to, well, a bitchn to put it lightly... self sabotage finds those kinds of partners (thats my experience anyway) - look forward to your posts.
- 20 something

UnderDog Revival said...

What do you do with women!? Though the same thing goes for some guys out there you must remember...anyway loving your blog!