Thursday, 14 July 2011

it's been a weird week

So I've had a pretty ridiculous week this week, check back through this blog and you'll see a certain somebody keeps reappearing!!

Well she's made a reappearance in my life of recent times and I can't work out whether it's for the good or the bad :(

I'm not entirely sure she's good for me or team bipolar as it's been battering my head and stressing me out I'm not even sure how I feel.

I know how I feel about her I have very strong feelings for her I may even possibly go as far as to say I am struggling with the L word.

I have known her for 15 years she is ace, she is so funny, she is cute beautiful, sexy and I would so like her to be apart of my life but I don't think she knows what she wants ( all will become clear)

She has liked me for a while she tells me and yet like me she has her issues let's not go into those in full now maybe later and they aren't really for me to share

She has been in complicated relationship that she has been trying to end and I set her a bit of a gauntlet which I was amazed she took up to end it so she tried to end but he was having none !

This is were I turned dumb ass she asked me to get involved and to say something to his Wife ( I know!!! )

So I did ( I know!!! )

This has been going on for a week now I'm not sure if I have been used manipulated or been asked as a genuine friend

I hope she has asked me as a genuine friend if I have been used or abused I am going to be furious!!!

So I'm in a predicament now me and his wife are having quite an amicable conversation on Facebook and I so want to trust my friend I so really truly do

Oh so I am so wobbled up at the moment

I know she needs some space and she doesn't want me to put any pressure on her but I really just want to know when her heads clear whether there is room for me or not?

Too much?

L out


David said...

wishing you clarity

shahanara said...

Wonderful blog & post! thanks!!

Gray.Creation said...

First of all are you clear about what you want? If yes then let her do whatever she wants ur intent is to be there for her whatever she does or she does not.... world is gray my friend...

David Edward Linus said...

whoah! too complex. too many players. Give it up
( 20 - 20 hindsight, i know)
mine just ended too, badly, but its getting better