Thursday, 16 December 2010

I'm on the radio

Have I told you guys I'm on the radio its a local community radio station but you can listen to it on Itunes and they cover a variety of shows with 40+ presenters its managed by Liz and Gav who do an amazing job and my show Reboot is a gadget, technology and entertainment show :) 

I've been on for about three weeks now and I am really enjoying it I've had some great guests we are running a photo competition at the moment 

Being on Redshift Radio really has been helping me with my stability I have been alot more settled since I started the show and having the show to prep for and look forward to is something away from work which is obviously good for me.

Get on Redshift and have a listen :)

I have also started playing more and more on my Wii recently which I know is really chilling me out.

Christmas is coming, we are all going for an Italian for christmas dinner and I'm really looking forward to it, I have Smeg booked into Kandahar cattery for 12 days as from boxing day Im off up to Scotland for 10 days for my first proper break in too long.

I'll be back to at least wish you all a very festive seasons greetings

L out


David said...

nice to see you here

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