Thursday, 14 October 2010


Hello peeps,

I had the most awesome day today.

Let's start with the fact that I'm on slimming world and last week I lost six and a half pounds this week I think I'm doing well too and I'm eating good food :) on a diet Yaaay

We at or @beacon4business had a demo at client today that went exceedingly well and the I was invited onto the Red Shift Radio ( to talk to Liz and two female entrepeneurs for two hours which was great fun. You can listen to that show repeated this sunday on their website :)
I had that much fun they invited me back to talk on their tweet up show later that evening which was awesome fun. So log on to and Listen you could help them by following them on Twitter and liking their facebook page.

I have a Networking meeting in the morning and I'm seeing my Shrink after that then I'm going on an adventure weekend which I'm looking forward to stay in touch


L out
Lee Brookes
Beacon for Business
01260 274038

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