Sunday, 13 September 2009

I might stay put

I have been giving some thought to moving blogs or setting up a new blog recently.

Why? You ask?

Well my past began to catch up with me, from before I was diagnosed with the bipolar! I have done some shameful things in my past and Im as guilty of them now as I was then. I have apologised to alot of people for some of the things, in fact scratch that almost all of the things I did I have apologised for and yet people still don't get that I am only half and half when I have an episode whether it be a an up episode or a down episode.

I could try explaining bipolar but there are so many different definitions and explainations and forum arguements I'll just google it for you

Anyway, I decided not to move I decided just to stick put moderate my posts and enjoy my blog.

In news, I have been in my new place for 5 weeks now and its really, really homely.

Im starting to get a little bored with being single now, Its been 4 Years and 4 Months now and although I have never really dated in my life I am thinking it might be time to start.

Me and my new business partner are joining the local Gym on the 1st of October in a joint effort to lose weight so mybe that will boost my efforts and my self confidence and hopefully help my social life.....

I took my new business partner and her husband out for a meal on friday and it was a fantastic meal and it was nice to do something socialable and 'adult' which is something I havent really done much of in the past 4 years

Anyway CSI is on now so im off

Be well

L Out

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